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@BNE | 59K Followers

BNE is one of the most influential Instagram accounts in Brisbane. With more than 50K followers, our posts are seen by millions of people from around Brisbane, Australia. Through our shoutouts, we can help your brand get discovered and gain massive exposure through Instagram.

59K+ Followers

200K+ Reach

1.5M+ Post Views

Top Audience Quality Score

@BNE is rated as one of the most influential Instagram accounts in Brisbane by HypeAuditor. With the highest in Audience Quality score for Brisbane-based followers as compared to all its competitors.

Pricing & Plans

At BNE Digital we completely understand that one size fits all approach does not work, so we offer three different plans to choose from.
However, if you still feel that any of our plans do not satisfy your requirements, then we can even customize one for you.


For small businesses or personal use
A$ 99 Per Month
  • 12 Hrs. Instagram Story Promotion
  • 1 Instagram Story Post Per Month
  • 2.5K - 5K Estimated Reach
  • Link Back to Your Website
  • Link Back to Your Profile
  • Facebook Ads Boost*
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Detaild Engagement Report


For professionals or startups
A$ 199 Per Month
  • 24 Hrs. Instagram Story Promotion
  • 1 Instagram Story Post (Photo/Video)
  • 5K - 10K Estimated Reach
  • Link Back to Your Website
  • Link Back to Your Profile
  • Facebook Ads Boost*
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Detaild Engagement Report


For mid-size business or e-commerce
A$ 299 Per Month
  • 48 Hrs. Instagram Story Promotion
  • 1 Instagram Story Post (Photo/Video)
  • 10K - 15K Estimated Reach
  • Link Back to Your Website
  • Link Back to Your Profile
  • Facebook Ads Boost*
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Detaild Engagement Report
All our plans come with:

1-on-1 Consultation
Dedicated Manager
Monthly Reports
Priority Support
* DISCLAIMERS: Facebook or Instagram Ads spend not included, to be paid directly to Facebook. Does not include Facebook page or Instagram profile setup, page management or resolving any existing issues within your Facebook ads account and business manager. Brand logos, images or videos must be provided, or additional designing charges may apply.

100% Proven Results

We have helped hundreds of clients promote their brands, products or services and gain massive exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service grow my Instagram account?
Our service automatically detects new posts on your profile and promotes them to other Influencers. The influencers actively engage with your posts and help them boost their exposure and reach a much wider audience on Instagram. This increases your organic reach and helps your posts gain more likes and comments and your account to grow much faster.
Are the likes and comments real?
YES! all the likes and comments are 100% real. We manage a network of 100K+ influencers. Our influencers like and comment on your posts and help your account grow organically.
Will I even gain new followers?
Yes, as your posts reach more people, your account would see many new visitors and even gain many new followers.
How many of my posts will be promoted?
To prevent misuse of our service, we only promote 1 post per day. However, we do even offer larger plans with up to 4 posts per day on request. Kindly get in touch with our support team and we can set up one for you.
I post more than 1 post a day, do you even offer higher plan?
Yes we do offer higher plans for up to 4 posts a day, if you need more than 1 post to be promoted per day you can get in touch with us and we can upgrade your plan.
Do I need to provide my password?
No, we only require your Instagram User Name not your password.
Is my account safe?
Our service works in accordance to Instagram’s guidelines and is totally safe to use.
Can my account stay private?
Unfortunately not, our system cannot detect new posts on a private account. Therefore, you must have your account set to public in order for us to promote your posts.
Can my older posts be promoted?
Our system only works with new posts, so we would not be able to promote your older posts but you can re-post them to gain more exposure.
Are there any contracts or hidden fees?
No contracts or hidden fees. We run our business the right way. You may cancel the subscription anytime you want.
What happens when the plan ends?
Nothing! Our system keeps your account in good standing so you don’t need to worry. You can renew the plan whenever you want and the service would start as soon as the subscription is restored.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Just let us know by email and we’ll do it for you. Or go to your Account Settings under My Account and click ‘Subscriptions’. You can cancel your subscription from here. After your account is cancelled, you will not be billed again. Your subscription will remain active until your next payment is due. This date will be shown on your billing page. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us.
Have more questions?
Our support team is available 24/7 via chat and during usual business hours on phone or email.

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